Poetry Festival Fosters School Connections

posted Jul 11, 2017, 1:55 PM by L Williams

By 8th grade English teacher David Fuder

When the Parker slam poetry team competed at this year’s Louder Than a Bomb poetry festival, they struck up a friendship with one of the teams in their slam bout: Phoenix Military Academy in East Garfield Park. The teams found mutual respect in their poetry, and Parker invited Phoenix to be part of this year’s slam poetry Morning Ex in May.

Last Friday, those poets shared the stage in what turned out to be an amazing display of poetry, performance and camaraderie (it’s not every MX that gets a standing ovation). Afterward, the poets shared lunch and walked around the school together, and they even sat in on a prom ask. These types of connections between schools across the city is what Louder Than a Bomb is intended to foster, and Parker’s poets hope to have started a new tradition.